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Available Online

Weekly BreathWork Reset

  • 30 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

This Weekly Reset is the perfect way to reset your nervous system. We all have challenges to deal with on a daily basis, and your nervous system does its best to take care of you by responding to these challenges with extra adrenaline to set you up for fight, flight, freeze, or fawn, whatever is necessary to keep you safe. The problem is it's easy for this system to overreact and keep you in this over-stimulated state. BreathWork will return you to rest and digest mode and calm your nervous system. Release whatever is heavy on your mind and heart, one breath at a time! What to expect: This style of BreathWork is challenging! You may feel like you’ve been through a physical workout when you finish. You will be breathing to a playlist similar to one you’d hear in an aerobics class – some very energizing and some relaxing. Everyone experiences BreathWork differently AND you will have a different experience every time you do it. How to Prepare: *Prepare your space up to make the most of your experience. You might like using an eye mask or you can just draw your shades. You will be lying flat on your back, so a pillow under your legs is great support, especially if you have lower back issues. Make your space as comfortable and safe feeling as possible with blankets, pillows, essential oils, or whatever brings you peace and comfort. *Be sure you won’t be interrupted. Set your phone to Do Not Disturb and tell family members you are unavailable! *Warn anyone else in your space that you might be letting out some loud sounds during the practice. You may want to cover your face with a pillow for this if you don’t want to disturb anyone. (If you have a pet, consider putting them in a separate space.) If you have taken a class with me before, you don't have to complete a new waiver form. I look forward to seeing you on Zoom!

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